All I have for you is a gesture, in combination with a word: "Tenet." Use it carefully. It'll open the right doors, but some of the wrong ones, too.


Rank: 253
Puzzles solved: 32

Team Members:

Edge of Tomorrow, The Butterfly Effect, Primer, Looper, Source Code, Palm Springs, Happy Death Day, Donnie Darko, Déjà Vu, Erased
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Breakfast Time! 1 1h11m
Inaccessible 0 1h42m
The Meta Meta Meta ... Puzzle 0 3h56m
Seal of Quality 0 2h16m
#UnscienceAnAnimal 2 26h17m
Watch Out! 0 20h21m
Where To Next? 0 27h22m
Eye Chart 0 29h15m
2 43h52m
So You Think You Can Spell 0 155h50m
Virtual Family 1 97h39m
Board Games with Shrek 0 90h48m
Dropcrypt 0 227h28m
Entropy 0 228h17m
Not to Scale 0 229h21m
Word Salad 0 238h42m
Action Adventure 0 152h51m
Make Your Own Math Quiz 0 154h18m
Night Vision Goggles 0
Mr. Worldwide 0 342h23m
Letter Boxing 0 343h14m
Divide and Conquer 1 234h13m
Mixed Message 0 345h48m
Crosswerd 0 235h46m
Thrifty​/​Thrifty 0 258h21m
The Seasons Change 0 424h37m
The First Annual Blaseball Puzzle 0 425h24m
Periscope 0
False Flags 0 610h11m
Count the Solutions to This Nurikabe 0 611h8m
Reencode 0 612h3m
Links Interconnect 0 612h50m