Congratulations to the 76 teams that finished the hunt, to the 308 teams that solved Eye Chart, and to the 623 teams that solved at least one puzzle! Our top three teams were This Site’s Bloody Illegible (finishing in a blazingly fast 25 hours!), Cardinality, and Anchovy Pear Tree.

This year was the largest Galactic Puzzle Hunt to date! By the numbers we had:

This wrap-up will describe the construction of Galactic Puzzle Hunt: 20/20 Vision and some of our reflections. If you don't want to read all that, feel free to skip directly to the fun stuff!

Plot Summary

The hunt started on March 13, 2020 with a search for your glasses—you need them to do puzzles, after all. The first round (the “intro round”, internally) explored this by blurring the puzzles for the first hour, while your eyes took time to adjust. Eventually, at the end of that round, you discovered that you had left yourself hints to your glasses’ location at other sights around your house, because FORESIGHT IS 2020.

You then went to the “four sights” around your house and searched for clues at your Night Vision Goggles, your Periscope, your Microscope and your Binoculars. Once you found all those clues, you learned that you needed to visit more sights (actually, four sites) to finally deduce the location of your glasses.

Visiting the sights, you found pieces of a telescope hidden in them. Putting the telescope together and pointing it into space, you saw one final puzzle, and upon solving it you realized that you needed to WAKE UP. You’d dreamed the whole thing! And somehow slept through an entire year and missed GPH 2020. Well, hopefully you’ll be well-rested for 2022.