Mr. Worldwide

Note (not a clue): This puzzle contains some explicit language.

Carving out a dramatic landscape, the San Juan River meanders through red rock canyons at the state park. So stretch out your neck and hold on to your (Mexican) Hats, you silly goose!

Enjoy the spice of life: stop by our Visitor’s Center! Try not only our original sauce but also other flavors such as Green Jalapeño and Cayenne Garlic.

Indulge in a scrumptious Cajun-Creole-Southwest fusion dinner prepared by Chef Rob Beasley at our winery. Situated to the southeast of beautiful Hawn State Park, we provide an experience unlike any other Missouri wineries.

Infamous for its several gables, the house inspired a local author’s 1851 novel.

Looking for our congregation? From Gillespie Water Works, first drive toward the Dairy Queen, but turn left on Broadway. You’ll find the church where the road ends.

Looking out across the Squantum Channel, you can see stunning views of the Rainbow Swash from the point, also known as Mattaponnock.

Notable residents of the piazza include winged lions, the symbol of the city.

Overwhelming. Ragged. Triangular. If you plan to climb to the summit of the iconic mountain, which stands at 14,692 feet above sea level, be sure to bring your crampons, your passport, and a pair of skis!

Peering into the lake on a clear night, the reflection of the stars above makes a cloudy nebula, giving the lake its name. Separated by nearby larger Fuxian Lake by a mountain, it is accessible from nearby Kunming about 50 km to its north.

Servus! In your WORLD travels, WILL the tombs you visit have REPRESENTATION of German philosophers?

Shuxiang Temple is just one of the many historic points of interest at the quintuply-terraced and quintuply-A-rated mountain, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009.

The ancient temple, dedicated to the god of the sea, is situated in the perfect place: atop a cliff overlooking the Aegean.

Try a plate of cepelinai—our national dish!—next to your gate before your flight out of the capital’s international airport.

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