Control Group


Rank: 231
Puzzles solved: 13

Team Members:

Tal, Gretchen "So fetch" McCulloch, Christopher "Starry" Night, Lucky von R U Feeling, Maria Control Alt Group, Ben "Ambidextrous" Small, Jessica Muffins
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
#UnscienceAnAnimal 2 1h23m
Breakfast Time! 1 3h34m
The Meta Meta Meta ... Puzzle 0 4h5m
Inaccessible 1 17h7m
Seal of Quality 0 11h37m
Watch Out! 0 12h35m
Where To Next? 0 42h49m
1 38h45m
Eye Chart 0 72h18m
Patterns 2 83h3m
Dropcrypt 0 103h45m
Count the Solutions to This Nurikabe 0 86h4m
Mr. Worldwide 1 196h16m