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Rank: 179
Puzzles solved: 18

Team Members:

thedylone, Shazam, psine "ligma balls" wave, Aliyxcia
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Breakfast Time! 1 25m8s
Inaccessible 1 1h32m
#UnscienceAnAnimal 1 1h57m
The Meta Meta Meta ... Puzzle 0 6h12m
Watch Out! 0 2h32m
Seal of Quality 3 8h41m
7 9h2m
Eye Chart 1 11h6m
So You Think You Can Spell 0 15h25m
Patterns 2 22h11m
False Flags 3 48h46m
Symbols 1 67h8m
Mr. Worldwide 0 112h12m
Virtual Family 2 71h21m
Where To Next? 6 181h58m
Fridge Magnets 9 92h40m
Letter Boxing 0 188h22m
The Seasons Change 0 79h49m