ISO Malaysia


Rank: 135
Puzzles solved: 24

Team Members:

zscoder, lixuan, Evirir, wan, tzaph, Magipika, 10, juckter, Bertknight, AMO5
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Breakfast Time! 0 1h21m
Inaccessible 3 3h20m
#UnscienceAnAnimal 0 5h25m
The Meta Meta Meta ... Puzzle 0 2h51m
Watch Out! 1 25h55m
Where To Next? 2 31h11m
Seal of Quality 0 30h53m
Eye Chart 2 50h46m
So You Think You Can Spell 0 14h58m
11 61h17m
Count the Solutions to This Nurikabe 3 39h42m
Make Your Own Math Quiz 2 23h28m
Virtual Family 0 39h3m
Symbols 1 117h11m
Intersections 2 114h4m
Mr. Worldwide 2 162h28m
Fridge Magnets 9 34h13m
Mixed Message 2 179h28m
Letter Boxing 3 181h7m
Board Games with Shrek 0 71h39m
Thrifty​/​Thrifty 1 72h56m
The Seasons Change 0 81h44m
Divide and Conquer 9 94h33m
Telescope 0